Access and Affordability

GOAL: $100 million

As a University with a longstanding tradition of welcoming first-generation students, we must provide equitable access to a Fordham education. There are many students, of all backgrounds, who would thrive here if they saw Fordham as their home—a place of abundant opportunities for everyone. The Cura Personalis campaign will enable Fordham to welcome students with world-changing potential, regardless of financial need, and ensure that we can support each student’s growth and development. .

Academic and housing scholarships, as well as initiatives such as the Urban Justice Scholars Program, will foster a diverse, vibrant on-campus community in which students have ever-greater opportunities for serving the human family—through collaborations with our neighbors in New York and beyond. At a time when Americans’ sense of obligation to one another is being tested as never before, Fordham is called to renew and strengthen our historic commitments to building a richly inclusive community. 

Investment areas include:

  • Academic scholarships
  • Housing scholarships
  • The Urban Justice Scholars program
  • Undergraduate and graduate financial aid
  • Stipends for clinical programs
  • Outreach to low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students

Featured Funding Initiative: The Diversity Fund

CSTEP Scholarship

The Diversity Fund provides financial support that advances the University’s goal of fostering a more diverse student body. Learn how to help.