Funding Initiative: The Diversity Fund

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Established by Fordham Trustee Valerie Rainford, the Diversity Fund is a current-use fund that fosters greater diversity among the student body at Fordham by providing financial support to students of color and those from first-generation or lower-income backgrounds. It was created in early 2021 to ease the burdens of student loans and part-time work that disproportionately affect Black and Latinx students. The fund provides “last-dollar” aid that closes the final financial gap for students, helping them not only enroll but also take advantage of on-campus housing and other opportunities.

Uses of the Diversity Fund include the following: 

  • Financial aid
  • Housing funds
  • Study abroad

Give Now to Support Diversity at Fordham

Interested in endowing funds, naming opportunities, or have other questions? Please contact Michael Boyd, senior associate vice president of development and university relations, at 212-636-6525 or

Supporting Diversity at Fordham