What does it mean to be more and do more for the world now?

The answer lies in the core Jesuit value of cura personalis—care for the whole person. This campaign honors each student’s dignity and strengthens all the interwoven fibers of every student’s Fordham experience.

Campaign Pillars

Each campaign pillar amplifies and connects to the others, creating a coherent experience that encompasses the entire self—and the entire University.

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    As a University with a longstanding tradition of welcoming first-generation students, we must provide equitable access to a Fordham education. There are many students, of all backgrounds, who would thrive here if they saw Fordham as their home—a place of abundant opportunities for everyone. The Cura Personalis campaign will enable Fordham to welcome students with world-changing potential, regardless of financial need, and ensure that we can support each student’s growth and development.

    Academic and housing scholarships, as well as initiatives such as the Urban Justice Scholars Program, will foster a diverse, vibrant on-campus community in which students have ever-greater opportunities for serving the human family—through collaborations with our neighbors in New York and beyond. At a time when Americans’ sense of obligation to one another is being tested as never before, Fordham is called to renew and strengthen our historic commitments to building a richly inclusive community. 

    Investment areas include:

    • Academic scholarships
    • Housing scholarships
    • The Urban Justice Scholars program
    • Undergraduate and graduate financial aid
    • Stipends for clinical programs
    • Outreach to low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students
  • Students sitting in a classroom

    Fordham teaches that no challenge is beyond reach if we know how to ask the right questions. In classrooms, studios, and laboratories, our students grow as thinkers, writers, and speakers. In vigorous dialogue with faculty, they see the link between the liberal arts and the pursuit of the good and the just. They become powerful advocates for themselves, for others, and for the causes that are close to their hearts.

    Our campaign will unleash and fire our students’ intellectual ambitions. We’ll help more students conduct research with faculty. We’ll create facilities that inspire STEM students to unlock discoveries. And we’ll support our professors’ eagerness to transform their teaching and embrace the hands-on, problem-driven, cross-disciplinary approach that today’s students expect and that our world demands. 

    Investment areas include:

    • Merit scholarships and fellowships
    • Student/faculty research funds
    • Faculty, departmental, and center endowments
    • STEM instrumentation and laboratory improvements
    • Schools’ annual funds
    • Innovation in teaching and curriculum
  • Teachers talking

    Caring for the whole person means connecting every student to people and resources that deepen their sense of well-being and belonging. Students are more willing than ever to seek help as they face and overcome challenges and discern their paths forward. They will find this help in abundance in an expanded campus center—connecting to the vast Fordham professional network in the Career Center, finding spiritual support in Campus Ministry, or pursuing meaningful educational experiences outside the classroom through the work of the Center for Community Engaged Learning. These expanded opportunities will be coupled with world-class facilities—for dining, fitness, and events—that foster good health and warm interpersonal connections. Students and families trust that Fordham will deliver on our promise of cura personalis, and our campaign will make certain that a nurturing environment continues to be a touchstone of students’ experiences.

    A New Hub for a Caring Community: The Campus Center Renewal
    The expansion of the campus center at Rose Hill is an important step forward for Fordham—and a shining example of how Fordham is committed, as a community of mutual care, to the holistic well-being of every student. Learn more.

    Investment areas include:

    • Campus Center renewal
    • The Career Center
    • Center for Community Engaged Learning
    • Counseling services
  • Sports team uniting

    In varsity athletics and club sports, Fordham’s student-athletes live out the Ignatian goal of developing the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Our student-athletes are academic achievers, they are leaders in issues of campus diversity, and they seize opportunities for engagement and professional experience in New York City. Through our campaign, we will do more for our student-athletes, set the Victory Bell ringing, and reignite Ram spirit on campus.

    Our foremost priority is investing in the men’s and women’s basketball teams and discovering just how much glory they can bring to the University with the right support. We will also invest in intramural sports, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and health and wellness for all our student-athletes to show them a level of care equal to their passion and commitment.

    Investment areas include:

    • Men’s and women’s basketball
    • Varsity athletic weight room
    • Sports medicine
    • Athletic operations
    • Intramural sports
    • Health and wellness

Cura Personalis Campaign progress bar

Campaign Leadership

“This moment—with all its challenges and possibilities—is the kind of moment Fordham was made for.”

- Joseph M. McShane, S.J.